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My name is Kimberly and I really started back into photography after my husband joined the local volunteer fire department.  I thought it would be very interesting to take photographs of the department while they were on fires or accidents.  Even as devastating as some of these calls can be, I still find them very fascinating.  The guys on the dept like to see the photos as well, because when they are "in/on the call" they are focusing on what their job is and not what the overall situation is.  So they get to actually "see" what they might have missed.

Even though I primarily shoot the fire/accident scenes, I also enjoy shooting the occasional fundraiser events around our area and when I have a chance to do some hiking/kayaking/traveling, I take my camera with me and try to do some shooting.

Stop in often because you never know what you might find.


All photos purchased will not have the watermark across the front of them. As distracting as the watermark can be when viewing photos, it is unfortunately necessary to protect my work.


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